Financial Literacy

Thanks to a recent Ontario Trillium Foundation SEED grant North House will be launching a Financial Fitness program in February 2016. We will use a combination of approaches to improve financial outcomes for people living in poverty in the townships of Uxbridge, Scugog and Brock in Durham Region. Our programming will be open to anyone in these communities who are low income, not just North House clients.

We will undertake the following:

•   Provide access to accurate, relevant financial information, education and advice

•   Help people to file taxes and access government benefits that boost income

•   Assist people to access safe and affordable basic banking products and services

•   Connect people to opportunities to build savings and assets for short-term emergencies and longer term goals

•   Ensure effective consumer protection and education.

These approaches have been used successfully to enable people with low incomes to tangibly improve their incomes, credit scores, saving and debt levels and to build wealth through greater access to education, employment, entrepreneurship, and savings and asset building opportunities.

For more information please call us at (705) 432 8654 or (289) 640 1929 and find out how to become involved.