WrapAround is a process that focuses on building a team of support. This may include family, friends, professionals who work together to empower those with complex needs to find solutions. The end result is an improved quality of life. It is  concerned with building on capacity at both the individual and community levels.

The WrapAround process operates on the traditional belief that a community can engage and offer support in the empowerment of its members.

All of us living within a neighbourhood, a town, a city or even a region must work together as one community to coordinate and integrate all formal and informal services and supports into effective resources that support individuals and families with complex needs.

What is a WrapAround Plan?

According to the process, each individual with complex needs requires “one plan” that is individual to that person and their family. This plan builds on their strengths and capacity for change, and “wraps” them in a blend of formal and informal services and supports.
The plan is focused on typical needs in life domain areas that all persons have. A WrapAround plan is continually reviewed and modified based on the client’s developing strengths and evolving needs.

The WrapAround team may include family, friends, professionals and other community volunteers and a WrapAround facilitator. These support teams are committed to helping the client lead a better life, breaking the cycle of homelessness and hopelessness.

For more information email: wraparound@northhouse.ca