Clara . . . is a young woman who recently moved from Toronto to her mother’s home. Clara is a former prostitute and crack addict who was convinced that her life would end if she didn’t get out of Toronto.  She checked herself into a psychiatric hospital for several months until she felt confident enough to return to Toronto and a “normal life”.  The pressures were too great however and she relapsed but was strong enough to know that she could not live in Toronto.

Clara’s mother suggested that she come and live with her. Clara was referred to North House by her counsellor and through the rent subsidy and WrapAround is now working full-time and clean of drugs and alcohol. 

Clara has left  North House, moving onto another community and a better job. She is a confident, forward looking young woman in stark contrast to the frightened, unsure woman who moved into North House.

John . . . For 14 months I was living in my van. I had to move from one parking lot to another parking lot, to another. I was using gas stations, restaurants and libraries for my washroom needs.  I was eating only canned goods, and had no running water.

I was also experiencing very, very bad mental problems, and had many issues going on.  I needed help very much, but I didn’t have an address to start the process, I couldn’t get help for myself.

I found North House through my Ontario Works worker.  They contacted North House and made arrangements for me to have a meeting with the Program Manager, Ann Watson.  Ann told me that they had an apartment available, and a program called WrapAround.  I was not sure about the program at the time.

Having an address and to be involved in the WrapAround program at North House has helped me solve most of my major problems.  Having a roof over my head and hot meals has been great too. They have given me the right tools and encouragement to improve my life.  They have given me back my self respect. If it was not for North House and the WrapAround program, I would not be writing this note right now, to anybody.