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Providing a spectrum of housing supports for those who are at risk or in crisis within the communities of North Durham
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Your generosity can have an extraordinary impact on the lives of people facing housing instability in our community.

The homeless in North Durham don’t live on the street, covered in sleeping bags. They’re your friend’s adult child who moved home with their children due to the high cost of rent, the cousin who sleeps on your couch while searching for an affordable apartment, or the teenager you frequently see in front of the corner store.

Our vision is a North Durham where no person experiences housing instability

North House provides a spectrum of housing supports for those who are at risk or in crisis within the communities of North Durham.

How We ’ve Helped in 2020

$ 0
Moving Costs
$ 0
Rent Arrears
$ 5000
Last Month’s Rent
$ 0
Utility Arrears
$ 5000
Ontario Energy Support Program
0 +
People and Families Housed
0 +
Referrals to Partner Agencies
Over $ 100 M
Income Tax Benefits Back Into The Community

What We're All About & How You Can Help

What We Do

From providing access to affordable housing to ID replacement, income tax assistance and more, North House offers a wide array of critical services to help our neighbours and friends make ends meet. 


When it comes to giving, every act of kindness can make a world of difference to those who need it most. Learn more about how you can can support North House and those we help in the community.

Get Involved

Making a donation isn’t the only way to show you care. From attending community events to volunteering with us, there are so many great ways you can get involved with North House and help us drive change.

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Video 7⃣ in our North House Know-Video Series! Today we’re making Pulled Chicken. Don’t worry we’ll walk you through it! The result is a delicious meal to enjoy.
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What happens on Wednesdays? 🤔You got it! 🙂
A North House Know-How Video drop.🥳
Let’s take a look at how proper food storage can save us money.
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Our Chair Ron Houston sat down with Jacquie Hermans, host of Uxbridge Scugog Life to talk all things North House (at the11 min mark). Thank you for sharing your platform with us! 💙

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