Emergency Shelters

You can stay at an emergency shelter if you have lost your housing and have no other place to stay. The Regional Municipality of Durham does not have emergency housing other than through the emergency shelters.

Shelter beds will be given to people who live in Durham first. All of the homelessness programs in Durham Region must follow the Housing Services Act and its regulations. 

Please note: when temperatures are expected to drop below minus 15 degrees Celsius, or if severe winter conditions are anticipated during the next 24 to 36 hours, the Region puts in place its Cold Weather Response Protocol. Emergency shelters are allowed to expand their services. These expanded services may include increasing bed space by using cots, mats and hotel rooms, and staying open during the day.

If you are a single woman or a woman with children fleeing violence or abuse, you can go to a Violence Against Women (VAW) shelter. These shelters provide safety and support for women and have many services for victims of abuse.

VAW Shelters in Oshawa

Denise House is in Oshawa.
Phone: 1-800-263-3725

Y’s WISH Shelter  is in Oshawa.
Phone: 905-576-6743

VAW Shelters in Clarington

Bethesda House is in Bowmanville.
Phone: 1-800-338-3397

VAW Shelters in Ajax/Pickering

Herizon House is in Ajax.
Phone: 1-866-437-4066

Men and children fleeing violence or abuse

If you are a single man or a man with children fleeing violence or abuse, you can go to Cornerstone Community Association. Cornerstone can provide shelter for men who need support to leave an abusive relationship.

Cornerstone Community Association is an emergency shelter for single men. Cornerstone also has a motel program for single men with children in their care or couples with children in their care.
Phone: 905-433-0254 ext. 228

Muslim Welfare Home is an emergency shelter for single women and women with children. Muslim Welfare Home also has a motel program for women with male children older than 13 and women with physical disabilities who are not able to access the shelter.
Phone: 905-665-0424

Durham Youth Housing and Support Services (DYHSS) 
Joanne’s House is an emergency shelter for youth aged 16 to 24.
Phone: 905-239-9477

Cornerstone Community Association has a motel program for seniors with extraordinary medical needs that cannot be accommodated in an emergency shelter. Personal Support Worker (PSW) services and meals are provided.
Phone: 905-433-0254 ext. 228

Housing outreach/eviction prevention agencies can provide transportation help (bus tickets, etc.) to individuals/families experiencing homelessness, so they can access a shelter. Please note that this assistance is provided during business hours only. After business hours the Durham Transit OnDemand service can be used. OnDemand runs all hours except from midnight (12 a.m.) to 5 a.m.


Community Development Council Durham
Phone: 905-686-2661


John Howard Society
Phone: 905-623-6814


John Howard Society
Phone: 905-579-8482


North House
Phone: 289-640-1929(Uxbridge/Scugog)
705-432-8654 (Brock)