Income Tax

We can complete taxes for the previous 10 years through to this year.

In Brock (705) 432-8654 ext. 104 or in Scugog/Uxbridge (289) 640-1929 ext. 104 to book your appointment!


Maximum income levels:
Single: Up to $30,000  |  Family: Up to $40,000

We do not prepare returns for clients who:

Have self-employment income

Have business income and expenses

Have rental income and expenses

Have capital gains or losses

Have employment expenses

Filed for bankruptcy

Are deceased in the year

What we will do

We will book an appointment with you to review your documents and record any personal information required.

We will complete your taxes (*usually within 72 hours) and e-file them to the CRA on your behalf.

We will call you when your taxes are completed for you to drop by our office to pick them up.

*We can complete multiple years of taxes, which will require more time.


Tax Clinics

Need help with your taxes? Click below to find out more about our tax clinics.

What documents are required?

ID, one piece of government-issued identification (e.g., Health card, driver’s licence, PR card) with name and date of birth

SIN (Social Insurance Number)

Tax information slips and receipts (relevant T slips)

T5007 – Social assistance payments or Worker’s compensation benefits (OW &ODSP)

T4 – Salary and wages

T2202A – Tuition fees and education amount (accessed through student account)

T4A, T5, T3 – Pension, annuity and investment income, savings bonds (includes scholarships/bursaries)

T4(OAS) – Old age security or Guaranteed income supplement or spouse’s allowance

T4A(P) – Canada Pension Plan

T4RSP, T4RRIF – Registered retirement savings plan, Registered Retirement Income Fund income

T4E – Employment Insurance benefits

Previous year income tax return, Notice of Assessment (Optional)

For tenants: Bring rent receipts, proof of rent (e.g., letter from landlord, receipts or canceled cheques).

For homeowners: Bring property tax receipts, mortgage statement

Medical receipts

Donation receipts

Clients with dependents: Dependent’s ID (e.g., Health card, birth certificate, SIN), child care receipts