Extreme Clean

VHA Extreme Clean: Helping people live better and safely. VHA’s unique Extreme Cleaning Program helps people regain control of their living space and life by providing:

  • Experienced, trained cleaners who work with clients and family members to meet public health standards so they can remain at home for as long as possible.
  • Weekly follow-up cleaning support after the initial clean out to avoid relapse, based on staffing availability.
  • Referrals and links to other local community resources for long-term needs.
  • There must be multiple needs to address, not just poor housekeeping
  • Not a Pre and Post preparation service for pest control treatment.

Step 1: Clean out, de-clutter and discard items.

Step 2: Thoroughly clean all living spaces in unit including: walls, floors and cupboards, appliances and laundry.

Step 3: Prepare home for pest control (bedbug, roach) treatment if required.

Step 4: Help with weekly follow-up maintenance when appropriate.

Funding may be available for this service —depending on the person’s situation, age, location and risk of eviction.

Who may be eligible for funding?

Region of Durham criteria:

Vulnerable/isolated people dealing with health conditions and/or mental illness at risk of eviction, hospitalization or institutionalization because of the unsanitary condition of their home.

For Durham Extreme Cleaning Service, please contact:

416-489-2500 ext. 4218 or toll-free: 1-888-314-6622 ext. 4218