Fundraise Your Way


Welcome event organizers! Thank you for considering hosting an event to benefit the work of North House. Community events are pivotal in supporting people in our community through our programs and services. You can make a difference for people experiencing housing instability!

From BBQs to garage sales, golf tournaments to paint nights, no event is too big or too small. Once you are ready, submit your event proposal form and a representative from North House will get back to you.

Need some help planning your event? We are here to help!

Special occasion ideas

Instead of asking for presents, ask for donations to those who are struggling finding a place to call home.

Mark a special anniversary by asking loved ones to donate to North House, commemorating your shared commitment to helping those in your community.

Instead of a gift registry, ask your guests to make a donation to North House to celebrate your commitment to one another.

Celebrate your special achievement by helping North House achieve its goals through your support.

Community fundraiser ideas

Host a bake sale or lemonade stand in your neighbourhood and donate the proceeds to help North House to assist those struggling with homelessness.

Host a cocktail party, dinner or brunch for friends, family, neighbours and co-workers. Charge a cover fee, which is donated to North House.

Create your own artistic masterpieces or donate unused items from your home to help build a future where people in our community thrive. Organize a garage or street sale with proceeds going to North House and invite your neighbourhood to join you.

Host a change-for-change drive by reaching out to friends, family and neighbours for spare change, or collect coins in a donation jar at a community event such as a street party or farmers market.

Classroom fundraiser ideas

Ask students and staff to sell used books and donate the proceeds to North House. Distribute information about North House and the homelessness prevention work you’re supporting.

Ask students and staff to share their favourite sustainable recipes. Put together a cookbook and sell it to raise funds for homelessness prevention. Think of fun, easy recipes or feature local foods that can be made on a limited budget.

Have students create their own masterpieces and then present them in an art show. Parents and friends can buy the artwork to support North House.

Get your class or school together for a local car wash with proceeds going toward North House. This works well for both elementary and high school students.

Host a change drive by asking students to collect spare coins to support homelessness prevention. Reward students with a pajama day, extra recess time or front-of-the-line passes at the cafeteria.

Host a bake sale or lemonade stand at your school and donate the proceeds to North House’s efforts to help people find and keep an affordable home. Attach the bake sale to another school event, like a concert or parent-teacher night to reach more people.

Tell us about your event!