Whatever the need, there are resources right here in Durham Region to explore.
Visiting from a service agency? Get in touch with us to add your service to the list!

Dental Programs

Oral health programs for individuals and families who require basic dental care at little to no cost.


Emergency Shelters

Emergency shelters available for those who have lost their housing and have no other place to stay.


Extreme Clean

Helping people live better and safely while regaining control of their living space and life.


Food Banks

For individuals and families struggling to make ends meet and need food assistance.


For Landlords

Resources for those in the landlord community including the Durham Landlors Association.


General Information

Looking for general information you can’t find anywhere else? Click below for important resources.

Housing Search

Websites and tools to help you and/or your family locate housing in Durham Region.

Legal Services

Looking to learn more about what legal services are available for you? Visit our Legal Services page.


Mental Health

If you or someone you know are living with mental health concerns, connect with organizations that can help.